Accessibility of Remote Teaching Tools

As MIT moves courses to an online format, our team is here to provide MIT staff, faculty and students with online resources to help ensure that students with disabilities can access course materials, and that they can fully participate in their classes.  

Document creation and conversion

Need to convert pre-existing documents into accessible formats, create audio files, and convert static documents to editable text? SensusAccess is a self-service document conversion tool available to all MIT students, staff, and faculty.

Accessible Document Information

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Microsoft Word

Google Docs


Slide Decks and Accessibility



Google Slides

Online Conferencing Tools



Polling and Response Tools

In addition to utilizing chat functions in remote conferencing platforms like Zoom, you may be using additional tools that allow you to ask questions and get responses from students.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere Accessibility Standards has thoughtfully incorporated accessibility into their design. If you use Poll Everywhere as part of a presentation, read aloud the question and response options in addition to showing them in writing, and share the link to the poll in the web conference chat.

Google Forms

Google Forms (University of Minnesota)

Chat and Communication Tools

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